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All public libraries are created equal. No matter the size of the collection, the rarity of the books, or the location; public libraries are a place of knowledge and learning any can go to and utilize.

Public libraries are genuinely helpful places. With paperback books averaging $8 a pop, reading different books is expensive if you were to buy each one. That’s where public libraries come in. Not only are you able to check-out just about any book you can think of (inter-library loans allow that access), you also get access to the benefits of reading for FREE!

Although, all public libraries being equal, some are a lot prettier than others.



The Martian

Oh boy where do I start? How about this book satiated the geek side of me in a way no other book has ever done. The only way it could have gotten better is if he somehow put aliens in the book. I don’t know how he would do that and keep it great… This is such a great book. The ideas Watney comes up with are so awesome. Astronauts have got to be the smartest people in the world.

I could not stop reading this book. I read it on the Overdrive app (checked out from my library) and found myself reading it whenever I got more than 60 seconds to myself. The last time I demolished a book like that was The Ocean at the End of the Lane. I have to give it a reread but I think The Martian will end up in my top 3 favorite books.

I demand a government funded mission to Mars right now. It has been proven astronauts will have to trouble staying alive on Mars. Just send potatoes (and maybe some carrots).

A beautiful day at the library


Just a beautiful day at the library. Don’t forget to support your local library.