Wattpad and gaining a following before publication


How does Wattpad and gaining a following before publication have to do with each other?

If you’re not familiar with Wattpad, it is a writer’s website that has nothing but free books on it. You can either publish entire works or just chapters of it…Publishing an entire story on Wattpad is the same as selling it for $0.00 on Amazon. Something I’ll never understand.

However, if you publish the chapters of your story as you write them, and make sure everyone knows what they are reading is a first draft, Wattpad works just like all other social media.

With Twitter, you have to be witty or famous or incredibly interesting to gain a large dedication following.

With Facebook, you have to be very active in the Groups to build up those dedicated followers.

Tumblr…I don’t have a clue how Tumblr works, but I do like looking at all the pretty pictures on there.

Which brings me back to Wattpad. If you publish well written stuff, not stream of consciousness drivel that takes a piss on grammar rules; and you jump onto the message boards, giving tips and being vocal, you can gain a large following.

The difference between Wattpad and the others, is that with Wattpad your followers already have a taste of what your writing is about. They aren’t going to get a bad taste in their mouth when they finally find out you really do write in a genre they don’t enjoy. And since they know what you’re writing and how it reads, they are likely following you because they enjoyed what you wrote. That, in turn, can lead to more sales after editing, polishing, and publication.

The more sales in the first few days, the more those algorithms on Amazon and the others will like your book.

I am making use of Wattpad for my work in progress novel titled ANDROID UPRISING. I am using it, so people can offer critiques, add comments, or just keep reading and then buy after I publish it. I’ll be taking the first draft off Wattpad a few days after the last chapter goes live and I get a bunch of comments and critiques and reads.

What I’m putting on Wattpad is not Amateur Night at the Apollo. It’s on the level of no more than one grammatical mistake every chapter, and a continuity it took the editing phase of ANDROID HUNTERS to achieve. It is a first draft though, which means entire sections will end up running away into the night during the editing phase.

As for the writing I have up on Wattpad. If you fell like being kind, please VOTE on each of the Chapters I have up, so it can gain visibility on Wattpad.

I really hope you enjoy the read!


My very own author page!

I put up my Facebook author page today! It’s super exciting for me. Got my cover artwork about two weeks ago. I love it! It’s done by the awesome Matt Forsyth.

Go and “Like” the author page.