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Android Hunters

Available on Kindle, Play Books, Nook, Kobo, and iBooks.

Android Hunters is now available on Play Books, Nook and Kobo in addition to Kindle! $2.99 from each retailer.

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Book of the day!

The good people at Book Barbarian choose Android Hunters as book of the day! Completely unexpected. That means people like the book! Hooray!

Once again, thank you to everyone who has purchased Android Hunters; and if you haven’t don’t be shy.

Android Hunters with reviews

The reviews are slowly coming in but they’re great. One thing I have heard from pretty much everyone, even the people who refuse to put a review on Amazon, is that the beginning Prologue and Chapter 1 are slightly confusing; but about a quarter of the way through the book it all makes sense.

My kind of fiction. At first it seemed a little hard to follow, with the switching of locations and characters, but once I got into the story I was able to follow along with no trouble. I really enjoyed the book, the fascinating characters and I am looking forward to reading more about Corli and all the characters in the upcoming books. When’s the sequel coming out?

Debut novel Android Hunters by Jonathan Bergeron sure brings the bacon home. It’s fantastically detailed. It’s very easy to see Bergeron went out of his way to detail his universe, everything has a reason for being in the book, something debut authors fall prey too. Too many try to add a bunch of stuff that is “cool” that has no bearing on the story. Android Hunters really comes together at the end, I’m talking breakneck pace that makes you happy he went through the hard work of detailing everything. Just wait until you see what happens to Atalanta, and Corli…Let’s just say I’m stoked this series revolves around Corli. An android who thinks she is a human and raised to be super nice, that we’re led to believe is something much more. Hopefully Bergeron doesn’t go the George R. R. Martin route and wait half a decade in between each book.

Sci-fi books are not the genre that I normally read, so the beginning of the book–the first couple chapters and prologue– were rough for me to get through, so I read Jon’s book in the same way I watch some movies–I close my eyes in some parts (I kind of buzzed over some descriptions and language). The story line, however, is very good and after a short bit I found that I didn’t want to put the book down. It picked up and came together and was very good, and as I was nearing the end, I found myself wanting to read Jon’s next book to find out what happens. (I think it will make a very cool movie).

If you haven’t bought it yet, please do. And if you have bought Android Hunters, then please leave a review on Amazon.

It’s in print!


Android Hunters is in print!

Buy one for yourself and one for a gift, and then buy one for safe keeping and one for an autograph. 🙂

And yeah, that’s my dirty shoe, but damn is it comfortable.

Busy! Busy! Busy?

The end of the year is always insane. It’s like the other 11 months are a build up to a frantic month that never seems long enough. Although once Christmas comes around everything seems to slow down. We’ve had so many things going on since Turkey Day, I am amazed I have found time to write. I have though and I am nearly done with my last book, only 6000 or so words from completion, then it goes to the editing/polishing phase. Which I hate and love. I hate having to read the book so many times, but I love that with each read through it looks better and better.

The print version of Android Hunters is going up for sale soon*! I can’t want to have a paper copy of my first book on the bookshelf. Maybe by the time I turn 80, I’ll have an entire bookshelf filled with my books, next to many bookshelves with other books. Although in 50 years, I wonder if paper books will be around. Books will be, of that I have no doubt, but paper books? Not too sure.

*It’s for sale!

My own worst critic

God, at times, over analyzing what I’ve written really does me harm. I have been writing a new book for the last three weeks, after nearly two weeks of pouring over the outline of it. I spent a day and half creating the two characters that would follow through at least two books, possibly more. I use a character questionnaire that has near 150 questions on it, and there’s two of these questionnaires, and I did it for two characters!

About a week ago, while sitting and watching football I suddenly got it in my mind, I forgot to develop the characters. I got it in my mind, that the story is great, but the characters are terrible. I couldn’t pin point what made me think that, I still can’t. I just knew I completely screwed up. So I started my other book.

A few days later I emailed the first book to two people to read over and tell me if I really did screw up on the characters.

Both like the characters and like the story.

I don’t know why I over analyze what I write. I will love, love, love what I’ve written one day. The very next day, 24 hours later, I’ll think back through the entire story and hate it. 2 hours later I’ll like it again. It’s agonizing and annoying, but I do love writing.

Word of advice: Write your novel. Finish the damn thing, Let someone else decide if its bad or not. When someone does think it’s bad, don’t let it get to you. No matter how well you write, there will always be people who think you write like a caveman throwing shit at a wall. And there will always be people who love what you write so much they pre-order your next work.

I love that kid

While painting Christmas ornaments this morning, yep it’s that time of year, my daughter casually asks, “Is your book awesome?” And continues painting.

Some people think it is.