3 Overtimes – Thank God Gators won it

At least the NCAA doesn’t allow ties anymore. I wonder when that horribly ran (I’m looking at you Goodell, a person complicit with men beating women) NFL will change their rules and not allow ties.

I learned while watching the Gators game last night that I get used to Jeff Driskel being a horrible QB. You can see by my tweets below. Sure he can throw better than wide receivers and running backs, but that’s not saying much. The guy is the King of dump passes but go beyond 10 yards and he throws with a hope and a prayer. 99% of throws over 10 yards are overthrown by 3 – 5 yards….He’s consistent, I’ll give him that.

Go Gators

Fantastic strong showing. Yeah, yeah it is Eastern Michigan, not FSU or a SEC team, but 655 yards of offense and a shut out is a good way to begin the season. Especially after the god awful season they had last year. Last year they were lucky to hit 300 yards against Big Top Community College. Here’s to a full season like this game and a win over FSU.

Football! Hooray!

The Gators didn’t lose! They didn’t get a chance to play either, but the important part is: they didn’t lose. They’re are off to a good start. Not that they could have done much worse than last year…That is neither here nor there. I had a great football draft as well. I think I’ll win more than the 3 games I won last year. I’m feeling good, 4 – 8 here we come!

I also finished the second book in my Android Hunter series.

Been a good weekend.