Starting to dig the no-faces eating plan

The no-faces eating plan is basically not eating anything with faces except fish, because being a vegan is…It’s too hard, and fish are really good for you. We’re doing pesco-vegetarian, which means only fish for meat, and we’re trying to cut out processed food completely. 100% no processed food. It’s a lot harder than I thought it would be. After 34 years of eating whatever caught my eye in a store or restaurant, the impulse to pick up a cold-cuts sub or chicken from the meat section is difficult to curb. Cold-cuts are just horrendous, so it’s not so hard to give up them, but having to rethink the meals I make is something else.

Tonight I made this.

It did not look like that picture and had no sweet potato fries. It did taste like a regular hamburger though. I was genuinely shocked. I was ready for something mushy that tasted like beans and that’s about it. It didn’t. It tasted like a regular burger with a lot of toppings on it. I recommend it to anyone looking for something different to eat.



I don’t call what we’re doing a diet, because the word “diet” has taken on the meaning of a fad, something to do for a New Year’s Resolution. By not eating cow, pig and chicken we’re doing our part in not partaking, through the purchase of the products, the crap they put those poor dumb animals through. My wife watches the documentaries, I can’t. I don’t even like going to zoos, because I feel sorry for the animals in those small enclosures. I do read about the practices involved in getting livestock to the grocery store, and lots of those practices are not very nice.

Also, by not eating processed food we are setting our daughter up for a healthier lifestyle. If she decides to eat fast food and cold cuts a lot, when she moves out, then that’s her decision. At the least if she chooses to eat whatever there is for sale when she moves out, years from now, it will not be directed by a unconscious action perpetuated by how we raised her.

In a nutshell, we became pesco-vegetarians so our daughter will live a healthier lifestyle. We also do kid’s yoga. There’s a channel on YouTube that is awesome for it. She loves it and I think it’s fun.