Poor dog

I hope the doggie is okay. But it got me thinking, why are they reading my blog when the poor dog has a belly full of detergent?


Homemade dog treats

If you have a dog check out these. My dogs go absolutely crazy over the sardine treats. I will never buy training treats again. They liked the training treats I bought but not too many, after like 10 of the tiny things they would ignore the treats for a while. Not with the sardine treats. It’s so funny how excited they get when I open the plastic container the treats are in.

When you bake them be prepared to air out the house and use half a can of Oust. It’s horribly smelling but well worth the smell.

A confused dog


Apparently Ariel thinks she is a boy and humps Jasmine every now and then when they play. Very confused puppy.

Ninja cat



She’s a cat in dog’s clothing.

Odd dogs


She’s asleep with her eyes open. Her eyes have been darting around as her legs move likes she’s chasing a squirrel or something.

These puppies remind me of my daughter when she was little

Jasimine - One half of the rascals

Jasimine – One half of the rascals

I swear these puppies sometimes act just like my daughter acted when she was 2 and 3 and 4. When they get a hold of something they know they are not supposed to chew on the two of them will immediately not make a single sound while they play tug-o-war with it. It reminds me of my daughter when she was little because the times when she would go from non-stop talking to quiet were the times she was doing something she shouldn’t be doing.

I watched them with play silent tug-o-war with a dryer sheet yesterday. They didn’t make a damn sound. Probably the first time I’ve seen them play that game without making a sound, normally they make enough noise to make it sound as if a dozen dogs are inside.

They’re finally learning to hold their pee until they go outside, so I’ll take the chewing on random stuff.

Dishwasher soap and dogs

Hold onto your hats and grip your seats so this wild ride doesn’t buck you off.

Dishwasher soap.

I know, I know. Not exactly the most exciting of subjects, but I realized something. I’m not sure if it’s how I handle the dishes before loading or just my dishwasher but the cheap’o powder dishwasher soap works exactly the same as the Cascade with Dawn and the dozen other things that will make your dishes sing to you in joy. I’m talking the $2 box is the same as the $6 jug. I guess you’re just paying for the name.

And my dogs believe they are cats. I so wish I had a picture of it.

This morning one of my cats was sitting on the back of the couch staring out the window, wishing for a life on the plains of Africa with it’s lion cousins, when Jasmine bounds up onto the couch (they can now get up with ease). She puts her front legs over the back of the couch and stares out the window with the cat. Later in the day after I pick up my daughter from school (the big kindergarten) I’m telling her about Jasmine. Ariel (the other black lab puppy) jumps on the couch, onto the arm of it and leaps off like it’s a cat.

I swear to God, one day soon these dogs are going to be meowing when I walk in the door.