Polity Agent – Neal Asher

polity agent

I love Neal Asher’s writing and storytelling.

I just got finished with Polity Agent. It’s so…visceral and raw feeling. Everything is just big and getting bigger. That’s not the best part about it though, nor why I’m enamored with the story telling of Neal Asher​ (and Neil Gaiman. Yeah I know, I always somehow manage to bring him into the conversation).

Both authors are at different ends of the spectrum in how they tell a story, but both authors are geniuses of their craft. The stories they tell are just that–stories. There’s no grand epic scope laid out in a three part act that must show resolution of the big problem at the end of the book.


Neal and Neil both just tell stories that just sorta end at a natural stopping point. The story we readers were privileged to read is just a glimpse into the exciting lives of some members of that universe.

…I think I may be getting my point across in not the right way.

Let’s put it another way. I’m just in awe at how websites and classes devoted to “helping writers become writers” talk all about the certain story approaches and ending styles you should do to ensure a reader enjoys the story; which in turn means more sales. Then along come these two authors who say, “Nah, I don’t like that. I’m just gonna tell you about what happened this one month with some people who live in this other universe. It’s pretty crazy. I think you’ll enjoy it.”

Needless to say, Neal Asher has joined Neil Gaiman on my list of authors I admire. Whose works I study. My dream is to eventually be a story teller of their caliber.

Should you read Polity Agent? Let’s just say, if you haven’t read a book by Neal Asher yet, you are doing yourself a disservice. Neal Asher is without a doubt the most imaginative sci-fi story teller alive. His books are always a joy to read. So yes. Read Polity Agent.


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