The magic wand of book titles…

Too bad there isn’t a magic wand for creating book titles. I could use one of those. I do like Harper’s Odyssey, but I’m creating a series of interconnected books. What that means is HO kicks off the universe and every other book after is just placed inside that universe. None are sequels to the book that came before. Can you guess what people will call the universe, since it is common place to just take the title of the first book and place universe at the end?

Harper’s Odyssey Universe. Acronym: HOU.

At first glance this science fiction universe sounds like it’s about Houston’s airport or a department in the US government. Not really what moves someone to make a purchase of a kick ass sci-fi story.

What will the title end up being? I’m starting to get ideas. Being a set of interconnected books/stories set in the same universe there are things that connect each book. For instance, I have two reoccurring characters that make appearances in every book. Depending on the story determines the size of their role. I’m leaning towards using those two characters to craft the title of Harper’s Odyssey. Since it is the story that kicks everything off and all.

Possible titles…stay tuned. And stay tuned for more about Harper’s Odyssey (tentative title) in the next post.



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