Goodnight Sunlight

Hello there. Name’s Earl Magellan, owner of Goodnight Sunlight, facilitator of events, and deliverer of cargo. You made the right choice in seeking me out; a better facilitator you’ll never find. Let me introduce you to my team.
Madison Lindberg, small arms weapons expert. When I say ‘expert’, I don’t use the term loosely. She has some odd affinity towards weapons that can be held in one hand. No matter if she has used the weapon a thousand times or this is her first time seeing it, she can use it with lethal accuracy. She claims she can tell how it will aim by the weight of it.
Talking about affinities, Buddy Brawn, known colloquially as BB, can blend so well with Solars, degenerates, and low-life criminals I sometimes forget he’s actually never been arrested or part of a crime family. He can bleed information from scum faster than a butcher can bleed dry a hog.
I’ll go ahead and use that butcher analogy as a segue to Zoe Ferris. Do you study the methods of a butcher before buying your meat? Or do you not let yourself think of the gruesome work that went into getting you that juicy steak, instead opting to enjoy the fruits of their labor? Zoe falls into the latter category.
Goodnight Sunlight is maintained by a veritable army of maintenance bots we call ‘mots’, because who wants to says ‘maintenance bots’ more than one time? I spend a full half of gross income on keeping up with the latest mots, engine upgrades, defensive and offensive measures, and navigation equipment. Why? It’s said a team is only as strong as the weakest link. I go out of my way to ensure Goodnight Sunlight is the strongest link.
So, there’s my team. The best facilitators working the galaxy. We always get positive results. Not fulfilling every part of a contract is not part of our shared vernacular. We get the job done and we get it done right. The first time.
Thank you and we look forward to facilitating for you.

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