Depressingly Gorgeous – Echopraxia


An absolute gorgeous telling of the folly of responding to an unknown


I’ve been reading a lot lately. Finishing some books too. Oddly (maybe, maybe not) that is a difficult thing for me. I have no issue with putting a book down with only forty pages left to read, or getting to the halfway point and returning it to the library, or skimming twenty pages and deleting it from OverDrive. I’ve never had an issue with not finishing a book, truth be told.

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King is the first book I can think of that I stopped reading without finishing. It’s been close to two decades and I still have about eight-two pages left of the grandiose prose. I didn’t finish reading Return of the King, because I got bored at the end.

Echopraxia, I didn’t.

This book had me turning pages well into the night, even though I didn’t really understand much of what was happening. I had the same issue with Blindsight. Forever lost but loving it, like a tour of the Garden District in New Orleans. The how of getting plants to grow like they do in that district is lost on me, but the visuals are pretty enough to keep me enthralled.

Visuals indeed.

Echopraxia, like Blindsight, is so full of amazing metaphors and similes used as descriptive prose that it is just like riding a street car through the Garden District. Sights that are just beauteous to behold. It is really depressing though, but with a silver lining of hope.

I get the silver lining imagery because of the illusion of baseline humans as roaches. Roaches live when all others die. Build yourself up to be a super human by way of tech implants, take away water for three days, and you’re dead. Try to starve or dehydrate a roach and you’re in for a lesson on futility.

That’s all I’ll say directly about the story. Should you read Echopraxia? Oh yeah. You should. Read Blindsight first though, as lots of Echopraxia won’t make sense without it. Be prepared for a soul-crushing gorgeous adventure though.


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