Soooo, that was a failed experiment

An ode to Wattpad:


Well now. That seems to be all I have. A failed ode to a failed experiment. I’m very happy I only put three chapters of ANDROID UPRISING on Wattpad.

Why am I happy? Why is it a failed experiment?

It turns out Wattpad is a popularity contest dominated by teenage girls, with the entire population of Wattpad on the site to read free stories and socialize. It isn’t a place to build up a following of people that will buy your book when it gets published.

I don’t do popularity contests. I’m not a teenager and I’m not a girl.

Now, there is nothing wrong with being a teenage girl, or boy, and hanging out on Wattpad, shootin’ the shit, trying to get votes and reads on writing that will never be sold for money. It beats being a hoodlum on the street, stealing stuff that people leave on their front lawn, or doing drugs and giving the police problems. The thing is, I have no desire to fight for votes from people on a story that none of them will actually buy when it gets published.

Oh, the humanity! Oh, the covers!

Can someone tell me why it seems to be okay to put a work out there with a cover designed by someone who’s only artistic skills are: search Google, copy, paste? Not sure if Wattpad got the ball rolling on this problem, but they are certainly perpetuating it.

To the first question, since I answered the latter.

I am happy I only put up 3 chapters on Wattpad, because I actually thought it through after the WordPress post yesterday. It suddenly didn’t seem like all that great of an idea. It’s almost like publishing a work in progress on a blog. The people who read it aren’t going to pay money for it once it’s published, because they already read it. It doesn’t matter if what was put on there was a first draft, it’s close enough to the end-game that those people won’t buy it.

Sure, I can theoretically get a fan-base by posting a work in progress on here, but it puts publishers in a hard position. With internet archive sites, even after the work is taken offline, it’s still out there. Which means, someone with a bit of spare time will put it together on a Word doc, run it through Calibre, and then its onto the torrents.

I’m happy, I only put three chapters up on Wattpad, because the beginning chapters of books, I usually trash anyway. Even if I don’t trash them, the final work will look a whole hell of a lot different.

Where to now, with ANDROID UPRISING and building a fan-base?

I am open to beta readers. That aside, I have finally figured out how to talk about my upcoming books without publishing them chapter by chapter. I still need to figure out how partition my blog into separate sections to make finding the posts about my Android Universe (AU) easier to find.

In the coming months, you’ll see posts explaining how androids work. The type of technology used in the AU. The type of weapons used in the AU. And various tidbits of information that won’t spoil ANDROID UPRISING or future works.




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One thought on “Soooo, that was a failed experiment

  1. Edi’s Book Lighthouse posted a link to this so I thought I’d check it out. I know several authors who think Wattpad makes a big difference, but then, they already have books out and are posting short stories and excerpts to generate interest. I’ve been hesitant to write something specifically for Wattpad (since my publisher doesn’t like more than very short excerpts of my books online.) Now I know not to waste my time. Thanks!

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