Wattpad and ugh to first read-throughs

Finished the first read through of THE TRAIN.

I’ll tell you what, I was having such a blast writing that story, I was positive when I read it that angels would start singing, a beam of light would shine from the heavens down on me and gold would spurt out my ears.

What I got was me saying, “Hmm, yeah, why don’t I like this as much as I think I should?”

I still can’t precisely pinpoint the reason why I don’t like THE TRAIN. I think it may be because the main protagonist has zero character growth. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not cardboard, I gave him an interesting past and interesting problems, but he is the same at the end as he was in the beginning. I didn’t see the lack of growth until I read it through.

So, instead of brooding over the work and pulling my hair out to fix it, it goes up on the shelf for, at the very least, one full month, before I read a single word of it again. Now, it’s onto a new novel!

I had two fully formed ideas for novels before I began THE TRAIN, so it’s not like I’m going into this unprepared. On the contrary, this story (tentative title: ANDROID UPRISING) has much more background than THE TRAIN. It’s a story I’ve been sitting on for almost two years because I feared I couldn’t do it justice. I finally decided to hell with it and pull the trigger.

What I’m doing with ANDROID UPRISING though is a first. THE TRAIN taught me the need for beta readers, so I am putting the first draft of ANDROID UPRISING on Wattpad. I am going to put up a new update, multiple chapters likely, ever Friday at 1 PM EST. Every chapter will stay up for comments from readers until the entire first draft is complete. Once it’s complete and the final chapter has comments, it’ll be removed for polishing and publishing.

With ANDROID UPRISING, I’m hoping for writing group style critiques. I.E. pointing out word repetition, how a character is bland, how this scene is awesome but then I put in that paragraph and shot it all to shit. Honest, constructive criticism.

I really hope whoever reads this post can offer some feedback. It’d be wonderful.



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