Interview over at Indie SciFi Fantasy!

My third author interview is up at Indie SciFi Fantasy (

If you enjoying straying from the heavily marketed mainstream publications for your reading pleasures, I recommend perusing Indie SciFi Fantasy for more than just my interview.

There are a lot of great indie books out there not with one of the Big 5. Maybe the person believes they will be the next Hugh Howey, or maybe they can’t deal with rejection, or maybe they find the traditional publishing process too arcane and want full control.

I don’t know the reason behind everyone who went the indie route. What I do know is that when you wade into the indie waters you’ll find there are treasures for the taking. Like an underwater treasure, the great indie titles won’t leap out of the water and into your hands. Dig a little. You’ll find that shiny gold coin.

One thought on “Interview over at Indie SciFi Fantasy!

  1. Thank you for your participation in the interview. It is greatly appreciated, and best of luck with your future writing projects.

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