An ode to hardcore environmentalists – City of Pearl

city of pearl

An ode to hardcore environmentalists everywhere – City of Pearl

When I was getting my AA, I was single, a few years before I met my wife. I took this Intro to Environmental Science class, because there were a lot of cute girls in the class. I learned a lot actually. I can still pick out a live oak from a turkey oak, slash pine from long leaf pine; point out palmettos and sea oats. I learned that Florida had the largest cedar forest in the world until a whole crap load of pencils were made, so then enormous swaths of land were sowed with nice neat rows of slash pine. You can see those forests nearly everywhere in Florida. As you drive by you’ll notice the trees are in rows. Nature doesn’t plant in rows.

I got into recycling because of that class.

I became an environmentalist, or so I thought.

City of Pearl is unreal in its message, literally and figuratively. It supposes that all of humanity is horrendous, except vegans. Vegans are great, because they eat soy, and soy is a savior to environmental problems. I’m pretty sure that latter part was intimated. She certainly went into quite a lot of detail about how wonderful soy is. There is a possibility she’s on the payroll for a soy farming company though, not sure.

The characters ALL sound the same, and their reactions are completely implausible. A person gets murdered because they unknowingly killed a jelly fish that happened to be a sentient being. The person gets murdered and the only response from the remaining civilians and the 7 Royal Marines is, “That’s not right!”, then they go about their daily lives.

The lead character is very chummy with an alien, because he doesn’t eat meat, because vegans are angels and holy and good; and believes literally EVERY SINGLE THING the alien tells her. Why? Because this alien is a vegan.

If you don’t go out of your way to inconvenience yourself to not step on an ant or a blade of grass or swerve into oncoming traffic to not run over a toad, you’re a piece of shit and a horrible human being. That’s the message the book tells you.

I do recommend the book, believe it or not, simply so you can see what sort of books somebody in ALF (Animal Liberation Front) or ELF (Earth Liberation Front) has on their reading list.


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