Sci-fi doesn’t get much better than this – Gridlinked

I’ll get it out in the open, I’m a giant Neal Asher fan. Right now, I can’t find another author who writes more entertaining stories.

I read DARK INTELLIGENCE a few weeks ago, maybe a couple months ago, and when I finished that book I was at a loss for words. It checked every box on my non-existent Things that make a science fiction book great checklist. I stayed away from Neal’s books for a little bit after I finished DARK INTELLIGENCE. If the book is so great that I could not nitpick even the smallest thing, then how could any of his other books measure up?

GRIDLINKED measured up.

It’s obvious GRIDLINKED is his first published novel. He got screwed on the editing front, at least with the ebook version. There’s a ton of missed punctuation and two-letter words. Aside from that, which doesn’t affect the story at all, GRIDLINKED is amazing.

Actually, you know what? Search for synonyms on amazing, and then search for synonyms on every word that comes up. That’s what GRIDLINKED is.

As I go through the story in my head, while I write this post, I realize it’s just as great as DARK INTELLIGENCE. There’s no happy Disney endings here, which authors should be ashamed of. Every story line ending in the book ends on a natural note, not the fluffy hunky-dory endings publishers are enamored with right now.

Spoiler alert:

Spoiler alert:

Spoiler alert:

The story line with Arian Pelter ends precisely how you expect it to, which should be anti-climatic, but it’s just so damn satisfying, any other ending would be terrible. How Mr. Crane gets ripped apart, after Arian is convinced the golem is the most dangerous thing in the entire universe and invincible…I just had to laugh.

Neal Asher has an amazing way with putting together stories with characters that are just fun to follow and a joy to read; and I believe I do a terrible job with summing up how enjoyable these books are. I think because of how much I love the books, analogies fall short, because not everyone can agree on one particular analogy. For example:

The awe and amazement that comes from reading a book written by Neal Asher is the same as looking up at the nighttime heavens far from city light, witnessing the vastness of the universe, staring in awe at the glory of the celestial bodies.

Some people will look up, shrug, “It’s juts black with a bunch of dots.”

Others will say, “It looks pretty.”

Some will read that analogy, grab their head, and freak out by how correct the latter part of that analogy is. That’s how I am when I think through GRIDLINKED and DARK INTELLIGENCE. I can literally freak out, by how AWESOMELY AMAZING the stories are.

Needless to say, you need to go out and buy books written by Neal Asher.


9 thoughts on “Sci-fi doesn’t get much better than this – Gridlinked

  1. For my money, Brass Man is one of his best. If you haven’t read that yet, I’d pick it up.

  2. Thanks for this a good recommendation.

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