Fun fact on why I watched the original Alien

I believe this is from Aliens, not Alien, but I like the picture.

I believe this is from Aliens, not Alien, but I like the picture.

Fun fact:

The first time I ever saw Alien was back in middle school. It was around ’91 or ’92. I was a HUGE G.I. Joe fan at that time. My friends and I always talked about the real-life G.I. Joe movie that was supposed to come out. Not, yet another cartoon movie, but one with actors, and guns, and explosions, and war stuff. It was going to be just like how we played with the action figures.

By ourselves.

Not with other friends.

Because in middle school, you are far too mature and grown up to play with action figures. And yet, when away from the peer pressure pressing you to stop acting like an elementary school kid, the repressed child comes out. I played with Micro Machines until I was in high school. Ahh…the joys of being an introvert.

I remember tuning in a few minutes after the opening credits ran. This was back in the day when you had to either be subscribed to TV Guide or hope you didn’t throw out the TV listings that came in the Sunday paper or the listings in that day’s paper.

When I saw all the dark, gritty, action figure looking stuff, I thought for sure this movie is the G.I. Joe movie we always said eventually come out. I was hooked. I distinctly recall telling one of my younger brothers that the movie on TV is G.I. Joe, and telling my mom that, which is why she allowed us to continue watching it.

Thank God I couldn’t find that TV listings section of the paper, and thank God we didn’t have the internet back then, or I would have turned it off when I saw the movie was Alien not G.I. Joe. By the time the little graphic came on, after the commercial break, telling the name of the movie, I was invested and had no desire to turn it off.

Such a great movie.

I just can’t decide which is better: Alien or Aliens.


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