Author Feature: Jonathan Bergeron

Honest reviews are always appreciated for ANDROID HUNTERS. I love hearing what readers think.



I met Jonathan Bergeron on Twitter. He reached out to me to express interest in the novel I’m working on. I’ve since read his novel, Android Hunters and am eagerly awaiting the next book. 

  • Hello, Jonathan! What was the driving force behind the creation of your novel, ANDROID HUNTERS?

The current novel I just finished, tentatively titled, HARPER’S ODYSSEY. As the name suggests, Homer’s epic poem Odyssey is the inspiration. I’ve always been fascinated with mythology and the tales from those times. ANDROID HUNTERS actually follows the formula of those ancient tales. It has titans, the androids; heroes, humans; and a type of god, Corli.

Mythology has always been an interest of mine as well.

  • So going back a bit, why not tell us what the first thing you ever put to paper (or screen) was? What was your first story?

The first thing I ever wrote was all detail back…

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