A horror filled science fiction space romp – Death Troopers – a Star Wars novel

I bought a Star Wars t-shirt from Target the other week, first Star Wars t-shirt ever. I finally decided to embrace the geek I am and wear the title with pride. It’s an awesome shirt. It’s blue with an AT-AT on it, showing what look like the schematics of it. Fantastic shirt and it fits great. Good on ya Target. When I got home, after buying it, I decided to go on Goodreads and ask the group I’m most active in about some recs on Star Wars books.

I’ve always stayed away from movie tie-in books. The books are using a movie as cannon fodder so they can’t be great, or so my thinking went. I suppose I overlooked that Star Wars began life as a comic book.

Death Troopers was at the top of the list of recs. Multiple people said, “read it”. A few days later, I went to the library and checked out the book. I use my library as a test bed for which books I will ultimately buy. I’ve checked out quite a few I haven’t liked, never finished, thereby saving myself a lot of money.

Death Troopers is a book I’m going to buy, eventually, to grace my bookshelf. It’s a book I’ll read more than once. It’s really good. The story is great. The twist on the zombie theme is well done. The undead are never called zombies in the book, but when you make undead that eat people, you’ve made a zombie. There is a fantastic duo in the book, one I didn’t think would be in it. I won’t give away who they are in case you haven’t read the book.

The writing is great, moves along at a click and never gets bogged down by description. The description that is in the book is top notch, I could see the Star Destroyer in my mind and everything that was going on. And the ending…Wonderful. It’s not a ‘dance and act like nothing happened’ ending. It’s the kind of ending I enjoy.

I definitely recommend the book, even if you are like me before this book; adamant about never reading a Star Wars novel. It’s just a great sci-fi book. The twist on zombies is what keeps it at the great level, doesn’t allow it to slip down into the nether regions of the pit of sci-fi.

Go out and get Death Troopers. If you’re a sci-fi fan, you’ll thank me once you’re done reading it.

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Don’t forget to pick up a copy of ANDROID HUNTERS, the first book in the epic space opera THE CORLI SAGA. Then, love it or hate it, leave a review.
Drop new a line if you want to chat about sci-fi. I love talking about the genre.
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