Red – A Crayon’s Story

great story

great story

I read this story to my daughter at Barnes and Noble after picking her up from her last day of kindergarten! Very excited about that and sadden a little. It means she’s growing up way too fast. I told her a story today about her falling down on her bicycle on the way to the rec center, happened a couple years ago, and she laughed and laughed. The streets in my neighborhood crown quite high, we were on the right side of the street, she was barely moving and…bonk onto the ground. She got up right away, but it was thinking back to how much more sure of herself she is now on her bicycle that made me see, yet again, just how fast she’s growing up.

Back to Red. It is such a sweet story. It’s about being who you really are in the face of EVERYONE telling you, you are something else. Red is a blue crayon, but the wrapper says RED on it so Red must be red, not blue even though the crayon is blue. It’s the first story I stopped reading, somewhere in the middle, to tell my daughter what the theme of the story is, it is that moving.

Red is a book A LOT of adults should read. I’m talking a lot of adults. Yes, it is billed as a children’s book, but the theme of the story resonates with the crap a lot of talking heads on the radio and cable news spew.

A person is who they are no matter what we think they should be. They will be who they are and we should respect that. The only caveat is if the person is detrimental to society (i.e. psychopaths, abusers of all kinds).

The book is really well drawn too. Wasn’t sure how to segue into that, but it really is. My daughter rubbed her hand on a page and asked if it was real crayon. Very well done.

I recommend this book to every person alive. I don’t care your age, the recommendation goes out to every person alive.


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