Helpful tools for writers!

This is the first I’ve heard of Hemingway Editor. Looks very interesting.


These tools will help new writers much more than seasoned writers, but it can’t hurt to try them out!

First up is Grammarly for Google Chrome, and I have to say that I like it. I’ve been using it all day, intentionally trying to trick it to see how well it actually performs, and I’m impressed. Granted, it’s not perfect. Nothing is though.

It can pick up contextual errors, spelling mistakes, improper use of punctuation or lack of, and a lot of other things. I wrote a short three-paragraph story in MS Word, which picked up on most of the spelling errors and improper use of punctuation, but not much else.

I then took the same three paragraphs and put them into Grammarly and it found many more mistakes, including but not limited to punctuation, spelling, contextual problems, and sentence structure.

The next thing that I actually enjoyed using…

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