Summer Vacation (for the daughter)

Great vacation photo by Flickr user: kalexanderson

Great vacation photo by Flickr user: kalexanderson

First day of summer vacation! Hooray (that’s my daughter yelling that)!

The first few hours after school let out were a fantastic start to summer vacation; reading books and eating cookies at Barnes and Noble, then swimming in pouring rain and then cartoons. Everyday should be reading books, eating cookies, and swimming. That’d be the life. Quick, someone bequeath a few tens of millions of dollars to me. You’ll get a shout out on Twitter and this blog if you do. How’s that for thanks?

But we need a schedule even if someone gave me tens of millions. Don’t let that stop you from giving me that money. She needs to learn how to ride a bike with no training wheels and these dogs need training. We gave the cats wet food last night and one of the dogs, Ariel, followed us into the room we feed the cats in, as if we were walking around with dog food. She did walk out, but then walked back in and ate the food two seconds after I got out of her line of sight.

Schedules can be hard to figure out, and my personality resists schedules, but my daughter is like her mom, my wife, they love schedules. They can be hard, but I think I got it figured out and in a way that will still make it feel like summer vacation should feel. Just gotta figure out how to slip in some writing time during the day, that’s gonna be the hard part.


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