Why I wrote Android Hunters

Android Hunters

Available on Kindle, Play Books, Nook, Kobo, and iBooks.

Why write the start of a massive space opera epic? Why not start with an easy to digest lone wolf book that can be finished during a nice day at the beach?

The answers to those are easy; because I fell in love with this story.

True fact: Android Hunters isn’t the first version I wrote of the story.

I whole heartedly blame Kindle recommendations/countdown deals for inflicting more financial wallet pain.

The first version of Android Hunters came about after I finished reading Revelation Space for the third of fourth time. Such a great book. Alastair Reynolds is a sci-fi treasure. The first version of Android Hunters, the first book in The Corli Saga, was rubbish to tell the truth. It read exactly like a person who didn’t take writing seriously, who thought it was easy to put words down on a page. Oh boy, did I learn the hard truth about that in a hurry. Sure it’s easy to put words on a page, anyone can do that, but it’s not so easy to put words on a page in a way that makes people want to read past the second word. However, the idea was there.

This whole story is a blender baby of many sci fi things I like! One part Crazy AI god, a loveable team of special ops characters that reminded me of the early days of Honor Harrington meets Joel Shepherds “Cassandra Kresnov” books. Please note I am extremely bias to cyberpunk, androids and anything Bladerunner infused. So this whole setup was my cup of Joe.

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One thought on “Why I wrote Android Hunters

  1. Great to see your reasons and love for the story. Can’t wait to read the next in the series, and also the other ones you are writing. Novel length? Short stories? Keep it up, Jon!

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