$3.4 million deal for John Scalzi – good for him

Fuzzy Nation by John Scalzi

The first John Scalzi book I read

If you follow writing at all you’ve likely heard of John Scalzi’s enormous book deal. $3.4 million for 13 books that Tor (a Macmillan company) will publish.

I say good for him.

This is great news for the science fiction genre, as it shows that great sci-fi writers will be recognized for their astounding writing. I love his writing, I’ve read most of the books he’s published, and I’m sure I will eventually read them all. His books are positively entertaining.

Sure, I haven’t been in love with all of his books, but I have yet to not be entertained by what he wrote. Take The Human Division. It’s my least favorite of the books I’ve read that Scalzi has written, but I finished in two days. I was entertained the entire time and didn’t think it was a waste of time, not in the slightest.

There are some books I’ve read, and been mildly entertained by, and by the end of it I thought, “I could’ve went without reading that”. Has never happened when I’ve finished a Scazli tale.

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