Fortune’s Pawn

The Pinellas County Public Library system has an Android app that is pretty cool. You can search for books, see locations and time, and even put books on hold. What does it have to do with Fortune’s Pawn? Well, I almost never read the book because of that app. When I searched for it, no results were given, but when I was at the library looking for a new book to read, Fortune’s Pawn was lying there on the shelf. Thank God too.

I read this book in one day. I should have cleaned more that day, or wrote something on The Corli Saga Book 2. I actually told myself, probably a dozen times that day, “okay, the end of this chapter, get up and clean”. I would get to the end of the chapter, look at the time, and tell myself it was okay, I could finish one more chapter then clean.

Fortune’s Pawn has to be the most page-turny (I’m claiming that word now. It’s gonna be big one day) book I have ever read. It’s exciting, it’s in-depth, and the characters are believable. The secondary characters stay secondary, they don’t take over the spotlight, and they fade away into the background at the appropriate times.

While the writing is top-notch, it’s the story that shines here. Rachel Bach lays this trail of breadcrumbs laced with coke, so after you taste that first breadcrumb, you’re hooked and won’t stop eating them until you get to the end of the trail.

At the end of the book I got this Star Wars vibe, but the type of Star Wars I’ve always wanted. One with a mysterious force thing, but with lots of in-your-face killing and big explosions.

If you like Star Wars or Star Trek, you will LOVE Fortune’s Pawn. Hell, I’m pretty sure you don’t even have to like sci-fi much to enjoy Fortune’s Pawn. It’s one of those books, that if it’s the first sci-fi book you’ve ever read, you will be hooked on the genre.

I can’t recommend this book enough. Go to your local library to check it out, buy it from your local bookstore, buy it online, steal it from a friend, just get this book and read it!


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