The Hunger Games


I resisted reading this book for years. The reasons were dos.

  1. It’s popular so therefore will be a poorly written book
  2. It’s *gasp* YA

In my defense of #1 I have read a Dan Brown novel and attempted to make my way through The DaVinci Code (have yet to make it past the first 40 pages). So if a book is popular across the board with out of genre readers, critics that only like pretentious books and fans of the genre I compare it to Dan Brown books and go the other way.

For #2…I don’t know, because YA is childish? At least that was what I thought. About a week before I picked up The Hunger Games, I was in Barnes and Noble looking at Coraline. I was ready to buy another copy right then because I haven’t a clue what happened to my first. When I turned from the shelf holding Coraline I saw a Hunger Games display. Talk about an aha! moment. I was just thinking of how great a children’s book is and here I am casting stones at a YA book.

So I checked it out on Overdrive (love that app).

The book is split into 3 parts, at least in ebook format. I read the first part in about 2 hours. Two days later, about six hours of reading during those two days, I finished the book.

Holy shit Suzanne Collins can write. If Catching Fire and Mockingjay are anything like The Hunger Games, then this series makes it into my Top Five all time favorite series.

As for the movies. I saw the first one. While I enjoyed the cinematography, it was comparable with Christopher Nolan films, the movie did nothing for me. When I walked out of the theater, from what I can recall, I looked at my watch, saw it was still fairly early, and then went to a bar for a drink. The two hours of my life I spent staring at moving images didn’t enter in my brain after I left the theater.

Not feeling anything about the movie and never having any sort of desire to even watch a trailer for the other ones is a shame. The Hunger Games book is so much better than the movie. In the movie nothing bad happens to Katniss, hell it looks like she has makeup on during the Games (which she does yes, but the makeup people could have done better).

So I’ll be reading the next two books eventually. I like taking my time with series, but I have no doubt I’ll finish this trilogy and read other YA books now that I got off my high horse about YA being not old enough for me.

3 thoughts on “The Hunger Games

  1. I often prefer many YA books to “adult” SF&F, which has become (for the most part – there are exceptions), overly padded, tedious, very pretentious and takes itself far, far too seriously. Most of it isn’t fun any more. Indeed, a lot of it is dull and boring, at least for those like myself who love good, escapist adventures, rather than dull, intellectual heavyweight fiction. I get enough intellectual stuff in the non-fiction that I read. I don’t want too much of it in my fiction, which I tend to read more for pleasure than any need for intellectual stimulation.

    Far too many modern SF writers seem to be on a quest to write “proper” literature, in order to impress the literary snobs and their “betters” in the literary establishment (something they will NEVER be able to do, no matter how well they write). They’ve forgotten how to write fun, exciting tales. Modern YA SF&F is much more like the classic SF that I used to love, before the New Wave came along, and legions of drug-addled SF authors decided that they wanted to become the next James Joyce of the SF field.

    I greatly dislike authors who love to show us what great writers they are by writing huge, convoluted, dense and opaque books rather than streamlined, transparent, enjoyable stories. I find myself turning more and more to YA as my dislike of adult books grows steadily. I haven’t read any of the Hunger Games books, but I might just give them a try after your recommendation. Unlike you, I quite enjoyed the films, although they’ll never threaten to replace any of my Top 100 Best Ever SF Films.

    • You summed up my feelings as well. It’s one reason why I love John Scalzi books. They are so fun and easy to read. I don’t have to look up odd words and they are easy to follow.

  2. good thoughts on the bookks

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