On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

on writing

The memoir part is amazing. King is a ridiculously good writer. I absolutely hated the writing tips part. I think it may have to do with hating self help books, but while I read it I couldn’t help but feel he just wanted to get paid for telling how he came up with the ideas for his books. The gist of it is, he came up with his ideas because he’s creative. And he is, there is no denying that.

There are no actual writing tips in the book, nor should there be. Either you are a savant and can write a story without any help, or you learn by doing and get better with each book. There is no great secret to writing that you can impart with a book on writing. It’s either you were born with knowing how to impart a story in an entertaining way or you learn how to do it by reading A LOT.

That is the only part I liked when it came to the writing tips, because it’s true. Read A LOT of books and study what makes them lousy or good. Emulate what makes the books good and don’t emulate what makes the books lousy. Don’t worry about sounding like a copy cat, you’ll eventually find your own style.

I do hope one day King writes a memoir because it’ll easily be the best memoir ever written.

I recommend the book only for the memoir part.


One thought on “On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

  1. The best book out there about the craft. Thanks for sharing!

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