God of the Dead: A Kaiju Novel – by M. C. Norris

You never know what you’ll find on Twitter, my social media drug of choice. M. C. Norris followed me on Twitter a few weeks back, so I sent a reply saying “thanks, and I like the covers of your books.” We decided to do a review swap, I buy his book he buys mine and do reviews. I said sure and bought the book. Before I began reading this book I actually didn’t even read the blurb on it. Some books I like going into without knowing anything about it, other than I like the cover. I didn’t know what I was getting into, and holy shit…

God of the Dead: A Kaiju Novel is great. I read it in two days, and it normally takes me about a week or so to finish a book. I haven’t read a book like it in years since my last Koontz book. I know profanities aren’t the best descriptors but the word Norris created is fucked up. Every situation in it is fucked up. There’s not really any other way to describe it.

While I was reading it, I thought of Martin Sheen’s character from Apocalypse Now. I was also reminded of Koontz work. Koontz, I don’t consider horror. I think his books are wildly inventive crazy bat shit situations you thank God are only words in a book and not real life. Norris created a novel exactly like that in God of the Dead.

I recommend it to anyone really, well anyone at least in high school and older. It’s highly entertaining. And that’s exactly what a book should be: entertaining


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