Must Be (Shrove) Tuesday

I actually have two posts in draft status, but painting the house takes up pretty much all of my time.
Until I’m done with the house and can post more regularly, enjoy this Buffy trivia.

Happy Pancake Day.


stack of pancakes

It’s Pancake Day! A DAY ENTIRELY ABOUT EATING PANCAKES. (And, y’know, preparing for Lent and stuff, but mostly: PANCAKES.)

I love pancakes, as does (I assume) everyone. They’re tasty, light enough that they don’t fill you up immediately, and so versatile that you get to try out lots of fascinating food combinations. THEY’RE BASICALLY A TASTY VERSION OF PILOT SEASON, BUT IN YOUR MOUTH INSTEAD OF ON THE SCREEN.

Which I think is why they seem to be used as a subtle symbol of affection in season six of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Food, and particularly balanced breakfasts, took on more significance in the later seasons, when Buffy (and the other Scoobies) became responsible for raising her younger sister (formerly a blob of mystical energy), Dawn.

Willow, Dawn, Buffybot and Tara breakfast scene from Bargaining (Part One)

In ‘Bargaining (Part One)’, Tara’s pancakes were part of the pleasant domesticity she and Willow tried to create for Dawn after Buffy’s…

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