Robcon Nation, Interview Series (2nd Interview) – Erin Virginia Hall

This is the second of a multi-part interview with the fictional protagonists, Jon Odopal and Erin Virginia Hall, of my upcoming novel Robcon Nation. This interview is with Erin Virginia Hall, a bountier with Kinlika Security Company based in the walled city of Paris, France.

We are here with Erin Virginia Hall. I would like to start out by saying thank you for taking time out of your busy day to talk to me. Thank you.

I wish I could say the feeling is mutual.

Ha ha. Mutual… Let’s just dive right into it now, shall we? You work for Kinlika Security Company, the largest private security company (PSC) on Earth and the colonies of Mars. Your job is as a bountier. Can you explain what exactly a bountier is?

What a bountier is…You make this sound like a date that’s winding down with nothing left to talk about. With that said, a bountier is a person with a job you will never know the full description of. And yes, I know that’s a lame answer for an interview…In a nutshell I get sent on assignments governments contract Kinlika with. I hunt down those who do bad things and wish to stay hidden.

Do “those” include robcons?

*ahem* Not exclusively.

How interesting. What do robcons do that is so bad? Aren’t they supposedly a peaceful people who go out of their way to do nothing people can so much as construe as bad. At least that is what the general populace at large is told.

First off, robcons are not people. Get that through your head. Do not ever call refer to them as people, putting them equal to humans. They are computers. They are machines that try to think like people. They are not people.

Apologies, I meant no disrespect. What do they do that is bad though?

I won’t answer that. Next question.

So we heard you are in a working relationship…

We’re done here. I hope the next interview is more productive.

Thank you Erin. And as you say, hopefully the next interview will be more productive..

Android Hunters


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