On writing and gratitude

First off, I want to thank every person who has purchased Android Hunters. Thank you SO much. You have no idea what it means to me. That people, I don’t know personally, buy a book I’ve written and read it. It’s so great I can’t really put it into words.

Writing is something I would do even if I never had a book published. It calms me and I love it more than any other hobby I have ever had. Does that mean I don’t want people to purchase my works, read them and enjoy them? Not at all. Having people buy Android Hunters (and my future works) is fantastic. It makes me strive harder for that moving target: perfection.

One day I hope to achieve the level of success of John Scalzi, my favorite science fiction writer. One day win awards for my writing. One day be able to say I was on a USA Today or NY Times bestseller list. However writing is one day at a time, and the day I do achieve one of those things, it will be because readers I may never meet or speak to bought my stories and enjoyed them.

For that I say thank you for your support in the now and thank you in advance. And I will always remember the readers that support my writing. From now until I die of old age, if someone wants a signed copy of a paperback I’ll gladly do it. Even if you have to mail it to me, I’ll sign it. It’s a sign of thanks and gratitude for the support.

As I am not sure how to segue into it, The Corli Saga is going to be big. I’m talking five to seven books with multiple spin-offs. I have a giant universe in The Corli Saga that I am chomping at the bit to explore. I also have another series with Robcon Nation (tentative title of course) that will knock your socks off.

Each series explores sides of us, people, as a whole. They are both action packed because I like that in books. The former is military while the latter is not. Hopefully I’ll have another series to add to that (more on that in the future). One that is good ol’ action movie type fun. A series that isn’t too deep but a blast to read.

Thank you again for purchasing Android Hunters. For those of you who haven’t bought it yet…It’s only $0.99 until Friday! Then it goes back up to only $3.99.


One thought on “On writing and gratitude

  1. Awesome, Jon! May the LORD bless you with much success in writing.

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