Robcon Nation, Interview Series – Jon Odopal

This is the first of a multi-part interview with the fictional protagonists, Jon Odopal and Erin Virginia Hall, of my upcoming novel Robcon Nation. This first interview is with Jon Odopal who is a robotic consciousness (robcon) and hails from Robcon Nation, the robotic society built upon the bones of the former United States of America. He is part of the highly secretive group of Infiltrators.


First off, thank you very much, Mr. Odopal, for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this.

You are welcome.

The question on everyone’s mind is what exactly is an Infiltrator? What do you do? What are you? Enough that Robcon Nation will allow, of course.

Of course. What an Infiltrator is…well that is a bit complicated. The short answer would be we are a spy. However by answering with the spy angle it almost lessens what I, and the other Jon’s, do. When thinking in human terms you could say I am a cross between MI6 and Brigade des Forces Spéciales Terre with a dash of street con-artist. I, Infiltrators as a whole, are the first line of defense of Robcon Nation against the bad apples of humanity that wish to see the peace between humans and robcons a thing of the past. I would like to point out that Infiltrators do not start wars between robcons and humans. We stop the wars before they begin.

Wow, so you’re basically an all-in-one Special Forces unit that can operate around normal people?

That is putting a mild spin on it and cheapening what I do, but I suppose you have it in a nutshell.

Oh, sorry. How do you, a robcon, blend in with humans well enough that you so compare yourself to the much vaunted British Intelligence Agency?

silence, but a smug look on his face

I had to ask, give it a shot. Onto other things. Do you engage in any relationships to keep up the charade of you being a human? Got a boyfriend or a girlfriend?

I do not consider what I do a charade. Infiltration is a job like any other. It is a job where I blend in with my surroundings by imitation, not a charade. I do engage in relationships every so often though. It is crucial to certain assignments to be seen in a relationship, a relationship where the other person knows no real info about me. And like humans and their relationships, I have been in a few that I would not want to visit upon even my worst of enemies. For those I tell myself this is done for the security of Robcon Nation, and I cannot end their life simply because they are terrible human beings.


Ha ha. I will leave that one to your imagination.

You are involved in a relationship right now if I’m not mistaken.

A working relationship.

Could you tell us some more about that?


No you can’t tell us or no you won’t tell us?

I will not. It is not my place.

Right, then. While you’re here, can you give our readers who want to become part of the world of international espionage a few words of advice?

I will have to defer to my partner who is not here right now for a thorough response on the advice. I was designed specifically as an Infiltrator, although in my time online I have managed to learn the finer arts of being a human; that being sarcasm and deceit. However, what I can say, what I think my partner will say, is being in the espionage and security business is akin to being a writer. It is something only people with closet sadistic tendencies are wont to pursue. It is not glamorous, the hours are long, and very few people thank you for it. However if you love it there is nothing more satisfying.

More to come in the next part.

Android Hunters


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