The Last Colony – John Scalzi

One thing about Scalzi’s work is how accessible it is. He writes so simple and that’s not a knock on his writing skills. John Scalzi is an incredible writer. Just instead of using a lot of words you have to look up, and long drawn out sentences, his writing is simple and straight forward. It makes for super fast reads that are easy to follow and somehow really good.

The one thing I liked more about The Last Colony than I did about the previous books in the series is the ending. Scalzi has a penchant for super duper happy fuzzy everything is fantastic endings, while a lot of people surely do enjoy those types of endings, they’re not my favorite. This book was a happy ending of sorts but not as fuzzy and happy as the others. I liked it a lot more and like every other Scalzi book I highly recommend this read.

Don’t just read one Scalzi book, read them all. He’s that damn good.

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