The Settlers – Jason Gurley

To be honest I thought there was something wrong with the book I got from Google Books, when I began reading it. There are no quotation marks in the book, that’s why I thought the copy was wrong. So I emailed Jason and he emailed back in less than a day. Really nice guy. I was going to buy his other books (this one is free from all the major ebook places) before he responded to my email; but being so nice to what must have seemed an asinine question (“Why are there no quotes in the book?”) made it that I will definitely read his other stuff.

The Settlers is a good book. Nicely pace, good plot, well written. It’s good to see his latest work has been picked up by major publishers who have a longer reach and can get the books more visibility. I recommend the book and at a free price tag, you really have nothing to lose.


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