Busy! Busy! Busy?

The end of the year is always insane. It’s like the other 11 months are a build up to a frantic month that never seems long enough. Although once Christmas comes around everything seems to slow down. We’ve had so many things going on since Turkey Day, I am amazed I have found time to write. I have though and I am nearly done with my last book, only 6000 or so words from completion, then it goes to the editing/polishing phase. Which I hate and love. I hate having to read the book so many times, but I love that with each read through it looks better and better.

The print version of Android Hunters is going up for sale soon*! I can’t want to have a paper copy of my first book on the bookshelf. Maybe by the time I turn 80, I’ll have an entire bookshelf filled with my books, next to many bookshelves with other books. Although in 50 years, I wonder if paper books will be around. Books will be, of that I have no doubt, but paper books? Not too sure.

*It’s for sale!


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