My own worst critic

God, at times, over analyzing what I’ve written really does me harm. I have been writing a new book for the last three weeks, after nearly two weeks of pouring over the outline of it. I spent a day and half creating the two characters that would follow through at least two books, possibly more. I use a character questionnaire that has near 150 questions on it, and there’s two of these questionnaires, and I did it for two characters!

About a week ago, while sitting and watching football I suddenly got it in my mind, I forgot to develop the characters. I got it in my mind, that the story is great, but the characters are terrible. I couldn’t pin point what made me think that, I still can’t. I just knew I completely screwed up. So I started my other book.

A few days later I emailed the first book to two people to read over and tell me if I really did screw up on the characters.

Both like the characters and like the story.

I don’t know why I over analyze what I write. I will love, love, love what I’ve written one day. The very next day, 24 hours later, I’ll think back through the entire story and hate it. 2 hours later I’ll like it again. It’s agonizing and annoying, but I do love writing.

Word of advice: Write your novel. Finish the damn thing, Let someone else decide if its bad or not. When someone does think it’s bad, don’t let it get to you. No matter how well you write, there will always be people who think you write like a caveman throwing shit at a wall. And there will always be people who love what you write so much they pre-order your next work.


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