That’s more than I thought

5,107 words today. Holy cow. That’s wild, was not expecting that. I have to add a bit to one chapter, but that’s why there’s an editing phase. I would love to do that everyday but I know it would turn into garbage and I would end up rewriting half of the book. Better to take it slow to write something that is great and that people will want to read, than to write fast for the sake of increasing the word count.

I’ll actually be a bit upset with myself if I hit the 50k word threshold during NaNoWriMo. It means I wrote too fast and most of what I wrote is not good. That’s not to bash anyone participating in NaNoWriMo. It’s a great thing to do once a year and I am sure it makes published authors of quite a few people who always talked about how they would write a book but never put pen to paper.

It’s just with me, if I write over 10k words a week (that’s taking weekends off to allow my brain to recuperate), my writing goes from great to “well, you certainly rushed that”.


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