A third…Could be a quarter, I’m really bad at estimation

26,659 words so far on my new book, which puts it at about a third done. Right on course for a mid-December finish of the first draft then begins the editing.

I hate and love editing.

On one side, I get to polish the book until it shines and is ready for people to read. And then published. Being completely done with a book is a wonderful feeling. Even if the book doesn’t get published or seen by anyone, it’s still great.

On the other side, I have to read the damn thing like a dozen times. And I mean READ it.

Every single word must be read and compared to the words around it to decide if that particular word is clichéd, bad, doesn’t make sense, is great, or “it’ll do” (cause no other word can be used).

Every single punctuation mark must be looked at. (my least favorite part of writing)

Every single scene must be looked at. Each scene must be weighed on its own. If it passes muster, it then must be compared to the scenes around it. If it still passes muster, the scene must be compared to the book as a cohesive unit. To me, the last part is when most of my scenes (the ones that get changed) are changed or deleted.

In a nutshell, editing is trying to rewrite the book every time I read it.

***On a side note: I’m not writing this for NaNoWriMo but damn I have a good word count for November. I started it on the 3rd. I would be close to 70k if I wrote like I did with my last two book I wrote to get out of my system. But I’m taking it easy on this book, writing methodically and thinking through every scene I do. It’s a slower process but it’s paying off in spades.


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