Slaughterhouse Five


Well I am a little mad with myself that, before this book, the only Vonnegut story I read was a short in a Scholastic magazine back in middle school. The story is Harrison Bergeron. I remember reading it because it had my last name in the title and I love science fiction (have ever since I saw Star Wars in 1st grade). The sad thing about that story is, it is probably not found in Scholastic magazines anymore because people die in it.

Slaughterhouse Five is likely under the same type of ban. It is the first book I saw fall victim to book bans. My freshman year of high school, Slaughterhouse Five was on the reading list. My teacher was so stoked that book was on it. A week later he gave an inspired rant that lasted at least 10 minutes. At that time I didn’t understand the issue at hand, all I wanted to do was ready whatever book I had in my hand at the time. Now…Well now I’ll leave that rant for another post, because just thinking of the ignorant self-absorbed people who don’t understand literature and wish everyone else to remain as uneducated and as ignorant as them, gets my blood boiling.

Back to Slaughterhouse Five. It is the first “classic” I agree is a classic.If there is ever a better war book that shows just how ridiculously stupid war is, I would like to know it. The way it’s written, how crazy it is with Billy Pilgrim jumping around in time, is so genius that I want everyone I know to read the book. Hell, I want my five year old daughter to read the book already; but I’ll wait until she’s ten and then give her the book.

I am now on a Kurt Vonnegut binge. Cat’s Cradle is my next book.

Use your library people. I did with this book, used Overdrive to get it from the Pinellas County Public Library.


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