So while I was reading this, maybe in the first 50 – 60 pages my only thoughts were it’s well written but it’s not very good. About 3/4 of the way through I was blown away by the story behind the writing. It’s powerful to say the least and should be put on the reading list of every high school in America.

It is an instant classic about the wrongness of discrimination. Yes, everyone thinks about discrimination in terms of color and race but with how technology is advancing, I am positive it will one day be about technology. Who has it and who doesn’t.

It is scary and sickening how true the overall scenario in this book could be. As I got near the end of the book I kept thinking of McCarthy on his witch hunt on supposed communists, and the Bush era witch hunts on anyone who doesn’t look “American”.

True no one with medical implants has been discriminated against as of yet, so calling this book an instant classic on discrimination may seem like a stretch; but it’s the ideas in it that demand attention.

Daniel Wilson writes so casually (which is a testament on how good of an author he is) that it is hard to think a similar scenario would never play out in reality.

I’m so happy with all these books I’m been reading lately. Either I’m really lucky in picking the books or there are suddenly a plethora of insanely talented authors alive today.


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