Caliban’s War

So I have no idea who Caliban is and the odd thing is this is the first time I’ve thought that. I also still hate James Holden. I like Bobbie though, I’m so happy they did not kill her off in this book. Amos is a goddamn bad ass too, really good character. I just hate Holden’s personality. If I met a person like him in real life I wouldn’t even attempt to be polite to him and I’m overly nice to everyone.

Now that I have two of the novels in this series under my belt I now think the two headed monster that is James S. A. Corey  is but a single notch away from matching the all time great storyteller: Neil Gaiman. The story telling in this book is beyond the words I am going to type in a single blog entry. Suffice to say, no other author(s) in science fiction tell a better story than James S. A. Corey. At the end of this book I now feel like I know all the characters personally, which is a monumental feat few are able to achieve.

I do wonder who Caliban is though.


2 thoughts on “Caliban’s War

  1. Caliban was a character in Shakespeare’s The Tempest. All of the Expanse books’ titles are references to classic literature or legends in some way or another. Leviathan is a Bible reference, Cibola an ancient city of gold, and Abaddon is Hell.

    • You know I had a feeling it was something like that, with Rocinate being the horse from Don Quixote.

      That’s another reason why I like the books. Lots of names are not picked at random. My book Android Hunters (soon it’ll be out) takes names from myths. It’s fun but something that will go over the head of a lot of people.

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