Lock In

A new Scalzi novel? Sign me up on the list for an ARC. Please?

I don’t know how John Scalzi does it but he gets better with every book he writes. The flow of words is astounding. It is so…easy to read his writing. And he explains so much while he’s making writing look easy. It’s goddamn sorcery. The one trillion dollar thing for a disease is a bit far-fetched but when I found myself thinking that I stopped. It’s a SCIENCE FICTION novel, therefore it is only loosely based on reality. If I wanted a reality based novel I’d read non-fiction.

Lock In really is a good book, but I realized something when I neared the end of a story. Mystery / whodunit novels go right over my head. There’s so many little things you have to remember. It didn’t take away from the book in any way. I enjoyed it more than any book I’ve read since The Ocean at the End of the Lane (my favorite novel of all-time).

I’m not exaggerating in the slightest when I say the flow of the book is astounding. I can honestly say only Neil Gaiman has kept me as enthralled in a book as Lock In kept my attention. For crying out loud MYSTERY NOVELS ARE NOT MY THING and I couldn’t stop reading the book. I normally only read for like 15 minutes at a time, because reading makes me want to write, to better my writing and become published that much quicker. I didn’t read Lock In in 15 minute intervals. More like 1 to 2 hour intervals. I just didn’t want to put the damn thing down.

Unbelievable author. I hope his next book comes out in the next couple months, whatever that book may be. Don’t forget an ARC for me.


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