Fuzzy Nation


I found out this was a remake of a book from the 70’s (could be 80’s) about a year after I read it. Did that alter my view of the book? Not in the slightest. A fantastic book. I love how the dog pushes the button to detonate the explosives and the legal department goes bonkers because of it.

The one thing I’m not a fan of in the book is the super happy ending. It’s the same type of ending Scalzi puts in all his books. Does that stop me from reading his books? Does that stop me from demanding he write 20 books a year so I always have something great to read? Does that mean he is not as fabulous of an author as millions of people says he is? No to all three of those. He is definitely my favorite science fiction writer of all time and #2 on my all time favorite author list behind Neil Gaiman.

Buy Fuzzy Nation or check it out from the library. But do read it. You’ll love it.


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