Ancillary Justice

ancillary justice


You want to write an entire new believable universe in one book? Not going to happen…Oh wait, I suppose I should have finished the book before thinking that.

This book is utterly deserving of the Hugo. Fantastically written. Original – boy oh boy is it original. Not a bunch of rehashed clichés in a new outfit. The themes in this book are so original, I’ll admit it took me at little bit to accept it as it is: fantastic writing. It’s the first book in I don’t know how long that I literally thought “how cool”; that was to the idea of the ancillaries (almost wish I had thought up that for my books).

I definitely recommend the book. It isn’t a super fast “beach” read. You’ll have to use your brain for this one. Then again this “thinking” book isn’t boring like I find just about all those other critically acclaimed books. 

I’m glad I picked this book up. Very good.


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