Chronicles of the Black Company (#1 – 3)

The first books I have been able to read for 10 minutes, put down for a week, come back to for 10 minutes, put down for two weeks; I think you get the point. It was entertaining but nothing I thought I would ever finish or so I thought. It wasn’t until I had a nine day vacations, nine days I took off from writing as well, when I got into the book. I finished around three quarters of the first book and the next two in two days.

Glen Cook’s style of writing is positively wonderful. I’m sure a lot of people don’t like it. I am not one of them. I wish nearly all the books I read, read like these three books. It’s so fun and personal too. Written in the first person, I felt like I knew all of the main characters (not just the person talking) in the story by the end of Book 2. I knew exactly how they were going to act in Book 3.

Fantastically written. It comes highly recommended.


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