Old Man’s War

Old people can’t do anything? It’s a young man’s game out there?


Old people can fight and kill with the best of them, even if they have strange moral hang-ups while they kill their way across the universe to ensure the superiority of the human race. You’re killing aliens in the name of humanity! There should be no issue there. I see none.

Sound like a funny-strange story plot? It is, but Scalzi’s writing grabs hold of you and doesn’t let go. He writes so fast and frantic, reading his books are as adrenaline filled as riding on Kumba, holding a rattlesnake on your lap, while a mouse runs around under your shirt. His books are that much fun.

If it has not become apparent yet, stop saying you will never read a Scalzi novel because “popular = overhyped and not good”. John Scalzi is a phenomenal author. There is really no reason not to read a Scalzi novel, unless you haven’t learned how to read. Then learn how, you’ll benefit greatly from it.

*Editors note: Kumba is a rollercoaster at Busch Gardens, Florida


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