The Ocean at the End of the Lane


Before I read this book, I read that it was a story of a boy finding himself, a coming of age tale. It’s something different.

This book entertained me like no other. It entertained me like the books I read when I was a small boy. At that time books were uncomplicated and fascinating. They were things to read because I loved to read them. They took me to faraway places, and made me dream of bigger things, of things that would never be, but things that were wonderful. This book did exactly that. I was brought back to my childhood when I read, because I wanted nothing more than to be entertained.

It is a magical book that is so much fairytale that it will be remembered forever.

Absolutely wonderful and I enjoyed every second of reading it.

It’s the first, and so far the only, book I will pass onto my daughter. It is that magical of a book, I am actually excited to pass it along to her when she turns 12. I think 12 is a good age for someone to understand the themes in the book.

I pick that age because there’s death, bullying, monsters, parents and a sibling turning against their son and brother. There is also courage and bravery and friendship and magic.

I wish I could do a better job explaining how wonderful this book is. It is by far the best book I have had the privilege to read.

Thank God, for Neil Gaiman and his talent.


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