Leviathan Wakes

I wonder if Ty Franck and Daniel Abraham’s (the two halves of James S. A. Corey) moms acted the same as mine when they were in high school.

“Stop reading those damn science fiction and fantasy books. Here, read this Reader’s Digest biography of Julius Cesar.”

My mom doing that to me pushed me even further into fantasy, which then turned to a love for science fiction. I wonder that, because these men must eat and breathe science fiction to write a book like this.


Now for the review/feeling of Leviathan Wakes:

I hate Jim Holden.  I hate him. He’s a goddamn goody-goody that does everything right and that no one really hates. He’s not an asshole, he’s not a bad guy, he’s not that much of a great guy. He’s a dick and I hate him.

I love Leviathan Wakes, because I hate Holden.

Leviathan Wakes is the very first science fiction novel ever to have me care so much about characters that I truly do feel a real emotional attachment to the protagonist. Yeah I hate Jim Holden, and wish Corey would kill him already, and will wish that until the last page in the last book, but it’s the hatred for that character that has me loving the book more than I ever thought I would. With the feeling I have towards Holden I am able to see the small idiosyncrasies of the other characters Corey created, making them feel as real as people I see on the street. It works that way because I want to latch onto a different character and you know what I found? I found every character in the book is life like, not one of them feel like a cardboard cut-out that is moved around on strings.

I think I’m doing a bad job explaining how my hatred for the protagonist can make me LOVE a novel.

It’s not that I hate Holden’s character and wish he was never created and think character brings the book down. On the contrary, I couldn’t imagine the book with a protagonist that acts different. He’s perfect for the book. One of the main reasons why the book is so marvelous.

Let’s put it another way. Read the novel and try saying you felt nothing for the characters and story. If you can say that you’re weird.


Leviathan Wakes is the ridiculously epic reaching space opera novel you and I have always wanted to read. I love it. It is ridiculously good. I read the tome like novel in 4 days, maybe 5, I forget. I bought the sequel, Caliban’s War, about ten minutes after I finished reading Leviathan Wakes. It is such a wonderfully well-constructed, superbly thought out, fantastically written book that that I’m praying my novel will be likened to Leviathan Wakes and The Expanse series when mine finally gets published.



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